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Yoga is a wonderful form of exercise that challenges the mind and the body to create a perfect union. Yoga is for all ages and fitness levels. The combination of Hatha postures, fluid movements, self awareness and breathing create an alignment of the inner spirit with the physical body.


For all levels A REQUIREMENT FOR BEGINNERS. This vinyasa style class is a perfect place to discover your strength, flexibility, alignment and form. Learn basic breathing techniques & hatha postures that will help you de-stress and build core strength.


For all levels after you are comfortable with YogaOne. A flowing blend of Hatha yoga postures united in movement with dynamic breath work. This class features multi-level instructions that allows you to adapt class intensity levels to your own needs! Our vinyasa style class will challenge and inspire beginners and experiences students alike!


For intermediate levels. A highly athletic form of Hatha yoga poses linked together in a challenging high-energy series. Students should be comfortable with the basic vinyasa, balance poses and head, shoulder or hand stands.


Gentle, slow flowing poses. The gentle, repetitive movements are deeply nourishing, chairs are provided if needed. Recommended for anyone who seeks a mellow yoga practice including seniors, those with limited range motion, or who want to deeply relax.


This class is designed for kids up to age 4 and a parent. This is an interactive program designed to stimulate the mind and body. Each class offers a different theme with music and props to create a kid friendly environments.


This class is especially for kids ages 5 to 12. We focus on 5 points of yoga: Concentration, Flexibility, Strength, Balance and Relaxation, while promotion a healthy lifestyle and having fun.


This is an upbeat vinyasa flow yoga blended with contemporary tunes and low cardio workout. Have fun combining breathing, movement and uplifting music while getting a great work-out. All levels are welcome!

Private Yoga:

Do you want to focus more on your personal yoga journey? We can help you find your path. Each session will be customized to you. Enhance your postures, embark on personal meditation, or enjoy personal expression. Private and Semi-private Pacakages are available.

Yoga Classes

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